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20 rue de la Boucherie
87000 Limoges
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Les Petits Ventres

Traditional Restaurant | Limoges

Deeplyrooted at the heart of the Rue de la Boucherie, one of themost ancient streets of Limoges, and viewing the Saint-AurélienChapel, it is ideally located in a typical district of Limoges. 

Thetradition of butchers in the Rue de la Boucherie dates back tothe Middle Ages. 
Today, you can still find paves in the street, butyou will also find dynamism, conviviality and an easy way of life.StéphanieCuq and Pierre Granero perfectly made their way in so typical asetting. In a half-timbered three-storey house, they suggest afirst-class traditionnal cooking, which has been modernised and madelighter. 
Regional starters based on lamb's brains and sweetbread orcalf tongue are still on the menu, but you may also try new originalstarters based on foreign flavours, while keeping with the famousFrench culinary tradition we are so proud of. 
 Youmay choose from the carte, the menu or the dish of the day ; youmay eat inside or outside in the summer ; anyway, you willreceive a warm welcome whether you are a regular customer or atourist. 
 Professionalism and conviviality are amust in this pleasant restaurant where visitors from all around theworld can meet.

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